Late Night Musing 0:00

When someone feels low about themselves or has little self-esteem, it seems that, often, they belittle others to make themselves the bigger person.

What that person may not understand is that by wrecking someone else’s life you are doing yourself no favours. You are giving yourself something to be guilty over; something to tear you further apart. By breaking someone else you are doing the opposite of fixing yourself.

This is a late night musing and my eyes are half drawn to a close but, nevertheless, a type of anger rises in my stomach when my thoughts turn to these type of people; these bullies.



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  1. I dunno, do you ever feel that there is such truth in a few words like this that of course they won’t be listened to? I feel that way sometimes, that we let the obvious, universal truths just escape us. I don’t know why that is.

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