Day Two

Day Two

Day two of what is already starting to feel like a very long week…



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  1. I have this theory about Tuesdays: they are the worst day of the week.
    It goes something like this – Monday – you can enter Mondays with some bit of optimism, it is the start of something new, and the week has untold potential. Wednesday – hump day, you know it is all downhill from here, the weekend is coming. Thursday – the day before Friday. If it has nothing else going for it, at least you know the next day is Friday. Friday – Friday is Friday, the harbinger of the weekend, it is brilliant and wonderful. Which leaves Tuesday all alone to suck up the whole week.

    • I guess I see your logic, and I agree. Tuesday are quite pointless. I view them in a similar light as year eight, in the British Education system.

      Year 7, settling into a new school.
      Year 8, …
      Year 9, choosing options.
      Year 10, starting GCSE’s.
      Year 11, finishing GCSE’s.

      Mondays, settling into a new week.
      Tuesdays, …
      Wednesdays, middle of the week. Yay.
      Thursday, tomorrow is Friday.
      Friday, finishing the week, ready for the weekend.

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