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As my life moves on, I realise that I am stuck in the same routine and it’s probably the same routine that everyone is cycling through. Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep.

What happened to living life to the fullest? What happened to the dreams you dared to dream and the adventures you dared to imagine when you were younger? When you grew up, you were going to travel the world. You were going to take a month out and do something so simple that it’s been almost forgotten: have fun.

Whilst many of us lose the passion for adventure throughout their teenage years, I can say that the passion is not always lost. We want the adventure. But, life get’s in the way of, well, living.

We get into habits of putting our responsibilities ahead of our free time and lose out on the adventure we are entitled to. Restrictions are put in place that thwart our ability to take the day off and leave our phones at home; escape into the forests on a rainy day with a couple of friends.

Responsibilities, danger, commitments. They all get in the way of adventure. We have written off adventure as a thing of the past but it isn’t time to forget it.

Isn’t it about time that we struggle to regain the adventure we want? Isn’t it about time we explored the world and, in return, find ourselves. Away from technology and the from the distractions and conventions of society.


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  1. Another great post OD.
    Adventure… passion…. living life to the fullest. It is such a shame that so many people live their entire lives wrapped up in ‘fear’. The ‘system’ is set up to keep people in a constant state of fear. The media reinforces this state of play and people fall for the same tricks again and again.
    To adventure you only have to raise your head above the three foot ceiling and observe the magnitude and true scale of the universe. Anything is possible. Adventure awaits you at every turn, opportunity around each corner, experience in front of you.
    “Isn’t it about time we explored the world and, in return, find ourselves.” – absolutely. Live the adventure. Find yourself. Reconnect. Enjoy the abundance of experience awaiting you…… or “Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep. Wake. Work. Eat. Sleep.” – your choice people.
    As I said – great post OD. 😉

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