Soundtrack to My Summer

It’s getting dark now, despite the fact that it’s Summer. You look at the clock. Half past ten. The street lamps flicker, casting a golden shadow over the garden where your best friend dances with your sister. It seems that they are the only ones who can hear the music.

You look down at the table and count out the M&M’s, making sure that there is an even number. When you realise that there are nine, you pop one back in the packet for some one else to eat.

“I want to go for a walk.”

“Now?” Your best friend looks up from doing his rendition of the “worm”.

“Yeah. Like a midnight walk.”

“Or a half ten walk, because it’s not midnight.”

“Yeah, a half ten walk.”

For most teenagers, Summer is not a season but a period of time out of education that is filled with spontaneous moments just like these Half Ten Walks. The memories of jumping that fence at eleven pm and realising that your friends have hid, trying to frighten you (and succeeding – but we won’t mention that), adorn your memories. You can’t help but smile when remembering the trolley races in the empty parking lot and how you carefully balanced your Shakeaway so that it didn’t spill as one of your best friends pushed you in the car park. The fact that you caught that amazing still in a YouTube video never fails to amuse you.

A still from this hillarious video.
A still from this hillarious video.

The soundtrack to your summer is filled with late nights and laughter; not sleeping until half seven because you are putting the world to rights with your best friends; and listening to your friends’ new album and realising how honored you are to be in the presence of such talent.

If you could compose a soundtrack of literal songs to describe even a fraction of your summer, what would be on it? For me, this is my summer soundtrack:



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  1. Sigh, I remember those good old days… I now will only live them through my kids, when they get there. And that’s just fine.

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