September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in the UK, US and many other countries worldwide. During the month, I urge you to try and raise awareness concerning Childhood Cancer and perhaps consider donating. The donations made could help to fund research for childhood cancer, or support groups for patients and their families, among many other things. Any donation made can be very beneficial.

If you are unable to donate, please go gold for September! Dress in gold, submit gold themed art, and spread the word with gold themed actions!

I first became properly aware of Childhood Cancer after hearing this song. The song was written for a boy named Ronan Thompson who was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on the 12th August 2010.  Ronan’s battle with Neuroblastoma ended on May 9th 2011, just three days before his fourth birthday, but his mother vowed that his fight would go on. Maya Thompson, Ronan’s mother, started a blog and wrote where she wrote about Ronan and Childhood Cancer (which she continues to update).

Taylor Swift, country turned pop artist, found Maya’s blog and wrote the song for her and Ronan, performing it on the 2012 Stand Up 2 Cancer telethon. The lyrics, entirely based on Maya’s blog, caught me instantly and I found Maya’s blog, learning more and more about Ronan’s battle, her family’s fight, and the constant campaigning that Maya continues to participate in.





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  1. Hi there! My name is Cameron Von St. James and I had a quick question for you about raising awareness! I was wondering if you could email me at your earliest convenience at cvonstjames AT gmail DOT com 🙂 I greatly appreciate your time!!

  2. Cancer is a terrible monster, even more so when it affects children. I hope that awareness is raised!

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