Rumour Has It

This is an open note and not addressed to anyone specifically but if the shoe fits then please wear it.

Rumour Has It by pixiepotI have never been naive enough to expect to go through life without being introduced to people who seem to have far too many faces. I have never been astounded by the fact that others have, for lack of a better phrase, “stabbed me in the back”. I have never been surprised when I have heard a rumour about myself, because it’s a common thing to deal with.

People will make assumptions – many that are not true, others that simply don’t concern them – and people will talk about these assumptions. It is an inevitability of life. If you haven’t experienced this yet, then you can either beware and think yourself lucky or you can be confident that you just aren’t aware of these rumours and two-faced individuals.

As much as it has become of the norm to come into contact with these people and these sorts of situations, it is not acceptable. If you feel that you are one of these people that I speak of, I have a couple of simple rules for you:

  • If you have heard something about me and you are unsure whether or not it is reliable information, please ask me. I will not bite, promise.
  • If you have a problem with more or you have something to say to me, say it to my face. The chances are, I will respect you a lot more if you confront me personally, rather than me having to hear it from someone else. If there is a problem, it is likely one we can solve with a little bit of communication.
  • Finally, if an issue does not concern you, why should you make it any of your business? If I’m honest with you, instead of worrying about other people’s problems – although I’m sure you feel this is a very noble act – perhaps take a look at your own life and ask yourself if it’s perfect? If your answer is yes then judge away. If your answer is no then take a look and see how you can improve your own life, it might be beneficial.


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  1. Could not agree with everything you’ve said in this post more

  2. Whatever it is, I am sorry you are dealing with it. Or, at least, I am sorry others are dealing with it the way they are.

    • Thank you for your concern. In fact, I am not particularly dealing with anything new but I was prompted today after observing the way that rumours and such are affecting others. It’s sad but, I guess, that’s high school. :’)

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