Why My Son Needs Feminism

In case you haven’t noticed, despite having a new blog (Delirious Antidotes) where I share my new, original content, this blog isn’t entirely inactive. I’m going to be reblogging posts that I think are worth the reblog and require more attention. If you’d like to read my original content, head over to my new blog.

With that said, this post definitely needs more attention. A wonderful post on why men, in particular black men, need feminism. Please check it out.

Media Diversified

by Jendella Benson

Photographed by Jendella Photographed by Jendella

Once upon a time I seriously considered not having children. “Why bring an innocent life into this world of tragedy and pain?” I reasoned. Now, as a mother-to-be, the thought of what this world has to offer my child still scares me, and yet the thought of what my child has to offer this world fills me with hope. I also wonder what I have to offer and what the culmination of my life experiences so far – I’m only in my mid-twenties – can bring to bear on raising another human being.

As someone who identifies as a black feminist, I’ve always had no doubt in my mind how I’d raise my daughter, should I have her, and much of this is put into practice as I interact with my many younger female relatives. But what about my son? Now that I’m 99%…

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