Why I Oppose to First Past the Post

First Past the Post is the current electoral system used in the UK. But, is it fair? With the Conservative party winning the majority of seats in Parliament, and the ability to form a single-party government, with just 36.9% of the vote in the recent 2015 General Election, I think not. Please read on.

Delirious Antidotes


I’ve spoken before on this blog about politics, as I’ve spoken before about the first past the post electoral system, but I’d like to speak about it in more depth. Before I start, here’s an overview of what the first past the post system is:

First Past the Post (FPTP) is the electoral system used to elect MPs to the House of Commons. It is a system in which the winning candidate does not require the majority vote. If a party is able to win over 50% of the seats (326 out of 650) in the House of Commons then the said party wins the election: their leader becomes Prime Minister and they are able to form a government.

Each political party selects one candidate to stand on their behalf alongside independent candidates that do not belong to a party. A person can only vote for one candidate…

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