One Year, and Counting

It’s been a year since I started my new blog. If you haven’t already, please check it out and give it a follow because I no longer post over here.

Best wishes! ❤

Delirious Antidotes

On this day last year, I made the decision regarding something that I had been contemplating for a number of weeks. You see, in 2012 I set up a blog and the success I had from the back of it completely overwhelmed and surprised me. Despite the fact that it’s popularity was continuing to grow and the support I had already received had been amazing, I didn’t feel as if the blog still “understood” me. I was ready for a new adventure; a more mature adventure; an adventure where I could express myself in more depth and with a completely new image. Because of this desire, Delirious Antidotes was born.

I think, in hindsight, the post that really made me realise that I was ready for a new blog was this one. It had attracted a lot of attention and I came to realise that the way I write…

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