The Hypocrisy of Society

Delirious Antidotes

I’ve spoken about this topic before, on my old blog, but I wanted to reiterate some of those points here, because I feel as if I’ve had more time to ponder over this topic and develop my thoughts concerning it.0000000000000000000000000000000001There is no denying that there are many rules, regulations and conformities put in place by society. There’s also no denying that a lot of these conformities lack logic. As a society, we are beginning to contradict ourselves: “it’s important to be yourself but, no, not quite like that.” Or maybe this isn’t a new concept – maybe society has always existed as a paradox.

But rather than delve deeper into the analysis of the historical ways and conformities of society, I’d rather discuss the thing that confuses me in perhaps most depth: the minority is no longer the minority.

Almost everyone I know seems to settle on…

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