Setting The Scene

Below are some posts that give you an idea of what this blog is about. They are not necessarily the ones that have generated the most interest but more my favourite ones; the ones I want to share with friends.

What Does It Mean To Be Young?, a teenager’s musings on youth and the emotions attached.

Are We Blind?, an introduction into psychology and change blindness.

John Green is Overrated, my thoughts on John Green.

10 Things We’ll Probably Regret When We’re Old

Over The Rainbow: Closets Are For Clothes, a few of my thoughts on gay rights.

“To Be An Artist – Actually, To Be A Human Being […] – It’s All Difficult”, Introducing the wise words of Patti Smith and the advice she gives to young people.

I Have A Confession, my first attempt at free writing.

Notebooks, a post on my love of notebooks.

A Students Point Of View: What Is Wrong With The British Education System



Often, I will write series of posts. Here you find a collection of those.

Understanding the Mind

Interview Central

Free Fonts To Enhance Any Design


Guest Posts



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