Over the Rainbow: Closets Are For Clothes

Disclaimer: the purpose of this post is not to offend any one and I sincerely wish that I do not do so, however, I ask my readers to respect everyone’s opinion despite whether or not you agree with it. Should you disagree with another opinion, shared within this post or within the comments, please construct a dignified response as to not to offend anyone – and please keep the amount of expletives to a minimal amount, thank you.

A few weeks back, I was asked the question Can you remember who you were before society changed you? Today, I am asking you the same thing.

If there wasn’t the need to fit in with social conformities and have social approval, who would you be? Of course, we have no way to tell whether or not the person we are today would be the person we would be should our need to fit in with society not be so intense, but pondering over the question opened a thousand other questions and topics of discussion to mind.

Love is Love: Don’t Let Society Get In The Way

A topic I’d like to pay close attention to within this post is homosexuality. (You heard me, I’m getting all controversial. 😉 )

Personally, I don’t understand how someone can say that homosexuality is wrong. You’ve heard this all before, I’m sure, but forgive my need to reiterate: love is love.

Who has the right to tell a person who they can and cannot love? You cannot help who you fall in love with and you should be able to have a relationship and start a family with that person you love, should you wish to, regardless of either of your genders.

I’ll be honest with you, I am sitting here in utter bewilderment at the mere concept that someone could disagree with the concept of love – and that is ultimately what they are disagreeing with.

If we stop guiding our children into the direction of heterosexuality or homosexuality at an early age and instead let them be, how would they turn out? I’ll tell you: they would learn to love who they want to love and could choose themselves whether or not they are straight, gay, bisexual, ect. Children, and adults alike, should not be afraid to be who they want to be or love who they want to love and we, as their families and friends; society, should not convince them otherwise.

Imagine How Stupid You're Going to Look

LGBT Law: Marriage, Family and Other Rights

I believe that homosexual people deserve completely equal rights under law: the right to be homosexual, for starters; fully sanctioned marriage – when two people truly feel they wish to devote themselves fully to one another they should be allowed to do so and not find the law barring their way; any other rights granted to heterosexual couples.

One’s sexual orientation is of no concern to the government, nor anyone else, as homosexuality is not harmful or immoral. Of course, homosexuality shouldn’t be shoved down people’s throats the same as heterosexuality or religion mustn’t but the very act of being homosexual proves no harm to others.

I liked it but I couldn’t put a ring on it.

One of my close friends shares her opinion that same-sex couples should not be allowed to raise a child, and I strongly disagree with this. She states that a same-sex couple raising a child is an act of selfishness because, the chances are, that child may be bullied. How is it that it can be deemed right for a homosexual couple are punished for a fault in society? Can a homosexual person be denied the right of starting a family because various members of society may take unkindly to the concept?

Homosexuality In Religion

Claiming that someone else’s marriage is against your religion is like being angry at someone for eating a donut because you’re on a diet.

Make no mistake, I wish not to offend anyone and this is my own opinion but, with no disregard to any religion, I strongly believe that religious texts such as the Bible shouldn’t be taken literally for starts, never mind using it to back up an argument which proves completely invalid when you can flip the page and find another quotation that completely contradicts your argument.

Many people, including Christians, would say that all men were created equal yet people still argue that homosexuals can’t marry. I hope you can see the absurdity of this.

Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine.

I once heard the argument that homosexual people should not be allowed to marry because they cannot start a family. I say this is the most rubbish I’ve heard in a long time. Two people in love can marry and have instantly formed a family. Furthermore, if these two people cannot have children, they may wish to adopt and extend their family. Are you telling me that this doesn’t qualify as a family because two of the people within it are homosexual?

Some Christians, and other people, may argue that God put people on this planet to reproduce and so that is the reason homosexuality is wrong but can I ask you, should a heterosexual woman or man who can have children be denied the right to love and start a family? No. Just as a homosexual man or woman  shouldn’t be denied these rights.

To Conclude…

In the same way that heterosexual people exist and have feelings, so do homosexual people. The same goes for bisexual, panesexual, graysexual, asexual people ect. They are all people.

I believe that it is beautiful how different each man and woman is to each other and this individuality should never be suppressed by anyone or anything.

I think that is it sickening and indeed terrifying that we have to “come out” as not being heterosexual; that being heterosexual is something that is expected of us. Slowly, we can lower this terror by working individually and as a group to raise awareness that love is love and people are all equal.

I ask you people that are reading this to understand that, as we speak, there is a silent holocaust within which thousands of homosexual people are dying. So, for the sake of lowering suicide rates if nothing else, we must begin to accept everyone as equal beings.

If you are heterosexual, I ask of you to imagine yourself in the situation where you are unable to love and marry the person you love. I ask you to imagine the feeling of rejection when you’re own family and friends do not accept you because you are in love with another individual of your own gender.

Nobody should be afraid of loving another human.


These are a couple of videos I have viewed over the past few years and would like to share with you today. Please consider giving them a watch.

Help and Resources

If you are homosexual, bisexual ect. and need support in coming out or dealing with your sexuality, give these links a look at:

GLAAD’s Transgender Resources
The Trever Project
Resources: Coming Out | Human Rights Campaign

Give Your Opinion

If you’d like to add anything to my post or state why you disagree with any of the points I have made, or you just want to say ‘hi’, please leave me a comment below. 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful post! This has put so many of our feelings about homosexuality into words.

  2. Wonderful post with a truly perfect message. People who are disagreeing with homosexuality are disagreeing with love – I’d like them to realise this!

  3. Are you homosexual?

  4. wow. Unbelievably insightful. Congratulations on an amazing post. Well done 🙂

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